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€ 575 kasiino kiip Uuendatud: November 21, 2013 Autor: Winnie Doubleday
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  • Luciano Raybon
    Luciano Raybon

    Oh, I just wrote that big comment below, but forgot to answer your other question, I participate in the craziness kriskros b/c I am competitive, and I find it challenging, and not to mention, as with all of us, the bucks is always nice too. Many try to say there is shame in that, but I have no problem with it, what else do I got to do? After I work each day, I have little choice but to lie here in my bed with my laptop and entertain myself due to swelling in my feet and legs and back/hip pain I deal with on a daily basis in order to make it through another day at work. So I do this while I watch tv/movies. I make choices to do things with my family many times, but then I live with the physical pain it causes, but they are worth it. So&;this is what I do. If the contest were to go away, I&’d be okay with that as well, just would give me more time to talk to my friends and make new friends on the site, just as I did before any contest was imposed. @kriskros46

  • Horacio Scantlebury

    suurepärane päev kõik

  • Alic Kraska
    Alic Kraska

    there i go again sorry Good Afternoon